The fine choice

The road to premium quality.

Coyarn yarns are among the finest covered yarns of the textile industry and are exclusively used for manufacturing tights of premium brands. State of the art technology makes our yarns particularly fine and durable.

Covered yarns – the principle:

Coyarn doppelt umwundenes Garn

Individual variations

We make your yarn ideas a reality. Depending on your individual specifications, we adapt and vary our double covered yarns in composition and strength of the raw yarn. We cover Spandex for you from
8 - 200 dtex
with polyamide from 5 - 50 dtex.

Double covered yarns – the benefits:

  • perfect covering of the spandex
  • high degree of rigidity and wear resistance
  • reduced risk of snags, runs and holes

Double covered yarns are your foundation for product excellence – for top grade tights of renowned brands. It's quality you can see.